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Saturday, December 22, 2007


Lex's retirement and adoption ceremony went great. The weather turned out to be perfect for the ceremony and all the media. I sincerely thank everyone that made this ceremony possible. You could see in Lex's eyes that he knew who this family was. He knew that he was being reunited with his slain handler's family. This family loves this dog with all their heart and will take care of him; giving him a warm home, a soft bed, food, and most important, all the love that they have in their hearts. This event has really brought some joy and comfort to their lives. Lex willnot replace but only help to heal the wounds, the grief, and the heartache of the loss of their son and brother.

Words can not express the feeling that I had as I witness this event take place. I am only happy to be able to be a part of it.
There where many people that helped to make it happen and there where some rough patches along the way, but all the matters right now is that this dog is with this family.

Although more is still happening in Albany as I update this bog (Saturday, Dec 22, 2007). We where unable to stay the entire weekend. The Patriot Guard riders will be escorting the family back to Quitman MS today. Thank you guys for taking care of the family!
Photos where taken by Lisa lang at Lex's adoption ceremony

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thank You

WOW! Its been a busy and exciting day today.
Thank you all who helped to push this effort through the right channels. Before all of you got involved we where hitting dead ends and starting to lose hope of adopting Lex. With your help we went beyond the local level and got the information in the right hands.

Thank you John Burnam for you knowledge of MWD laws and many phone calls and interviews. Your letter written from the perspective of Lex was wonderful and a needed addition to our cause. We would not have gotten the story to Congressman Jones without your help.

Thank you Kelly and Ricky Hooker of Discover Canine for your help networking, your compassion for Lex and the Lee family and your professional adivce on MWDS.

Thank You Congressman Jones for your steadfast conviction to helping us accomplish our goal of adopting Lex. We could not have done it with out you. You never gave up the fight and pushed back at times when we could not.
Thank you so much for representing Lex, Dustin, and the Lee family in this effort. North Carolina is lucky to have an elected official such as yourself.

I would also like to give a large Thank You to everyone who signed the petition. All of your names made our case so much stronger.

Thank you MCLB Albany for doing the right thing. Semper Fi
-Brian Rich

As suggested in a comment on the blog, I too strongly suggest that
everyone send Congressman Jones of NC a wonderful Thank You Letter.

His address is:
Congressman Walter B. Jones
2333 Rayburn, HOB
Washington, DC 20515-3303


AP- SAVANNAH, Ga. - Marine Cpl. Dustin Jerome Lee and his German shepherd, Lex, scoured Iraq for roadside bombs together, slept next to each other and even posed in Santa hats for a holiday photo....

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