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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Was it all a Lie after all? WALB Story, Albany, GA

I encourage all 2,500 plus people who have signed this petition to contat MCLB ALBANY. Contacts are at bottom of article.

So its come to this- It has all been a lie. Since the Marine Corps and Representatives form MCLB Albany have engaged in conversation concerning the death of Cpl Lee with Cpl Lee's family, one of the main topics has always been adopting Lex. And from the beginning they where told it would be no problem.

The Truth Comes Out
After months of being cooperative with MCLB Albany, staying in contact and putting our trust in them, this is what the family gets.
This is the story from WALB in Albany, GA. A local Albany, GA news crew went and covered the story and spoke to the Marine Corps Base officials.

According to the statement released by Lt. Caleb Eames of the Public Affairs office, they never intended to release Lex to Cpl Lee's family. If that is the case, every representative of this base LIED to the face of Cpl Lee's parents as they buried their son.They stood in front of them at their house, at the gravesite and at the funeral serives and lied to them as they buried their son. They lied by saying how easy it would for them to adopt Lex-do all the paperwork they said. There will be no problem with adoption, they said. This is what they where told by Albany. Now, its very clear that all along their intentions where to never allow them to be able to adopt their fallen son's canine.

One would think with the reputation that our military has in the public's eye lately, they would relly try hard to make their image seem a little better. I've got to say, after these statements from the base they aren't helping the Marine Corps at all.

taken from WALB-
"it's not as easy as turning Lex over to the family. Eames says Lex, although injured, is now fit for duty, and not eligible to be adopted at this time. "Lex at this time is fully fit for duty. Is successful in his mission, accomplished at protecting the base and potentially saving lives and we're proud to have Lex as part of our team."

Fit for Duty? Not Easy? Acccording MWD adoption laws and the precident set by the case of Air Force Tech Sgt Jamie Dana, that doesn't really matter.. and I know you are just the messenger here and were probably coached on what to say.. but thats ok...your doing your job-taking the heat for the base. It is VERY easy for an adoption to take place, just read the Congressional Bill.

And to even bring up the fact that he is a trained aggressive dog is absurd..yes he's trained, but if you took the time actually look through Lex's records (his SRB) you would see that he is NOT aggressive..Look at the pictures on the blog with Lex playing with CPl Lee's family...oh my..yea he sure does look aggressive. That was a real aggressive game of Tug-o-war he was playing with the kids, wasn't it? Something else to take note of-watch the video. You have have what looks to be an 8 month old Pregenant reporter playing with this highly trained kill.r I'm actually glad you allowed this on video- it actually proves my point- Lex is completley non-agressive, even to a complete stranger.

Bottom line is this
The Marine Corps at this point are embarrasssed and they should be. They are back-tracking and trying to make themselves look better while trying to make the Lee family look selfish and greedy-its not going to work. I personally think thats pretty low considering they sacrificed their first born son for the Marine Corps and this is the attitude they get in return?

If anyone would like to read about the bill that congress passed concerning MWD adoption, here is a link to the Adoption Bill:

other MWD Adoption links:
Tech Sgt Jamie Dana Article
Fluffy from Operation Iraqi Freedom

For the record Cpl Dustin Lee has only been the 3rd MWD handler killed since Vietnam.
-----The first handler killed in Combat since Vietnam was Marine Sgt Adam Cann from Davie, FL. He was killed Jan 2006. His dog was only 5 or so and his dad told me that he didn't push to adopt the dog because Adam saved Bruno's life. Bruno was uninjured. He does hope to have the chance to adopt him later.
-----The 2nd was TSgt Jason Norton - US Air Force. Jason was the trainer at Elmendorf AFB in Alaska, but the tasking came down for a Tech Sgt in Iraq to pull convoys so he was deployed without a dog.
-----The 4th and most recent handler was Kory Wiens from Oregon. He and his SSD Dog Cooper (a gorgeous yellow lab) were both killed and were buried together July 2007

Keep calling and emailing MCLB Albany..Call and email Albany's newspaper (the Albany Journal) and tell them you support the Lee family. Call and email their news stations and let them know how outraged you at this blatant disrespect for this fallen Marine's family. Contact these people but be courteous, state your objections but do not be rude. We would no want to reflect badly on any of the parties involved.

Here is WALB's information in Albany GA:
1709 Stuart Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31706-3130
Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 3130
Albany, Georgia 31706-3130

WALB telephone number is:
(229) 446-1010
Fax: (229) 446-4000
News Department: (229) 446-9252
News Fax: (229) 446-4041

and here is the webpage with WALBemail departments:

and following is the base information again:
Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB), Albany GA

Base Commanding Officer:
Colonel Christian N Haliday
814 Radford Boulevard
Albany GA 31704

MCLB Sergeant Major is R. D. Kennedy
Kennel Master is Capt Mike Reynolds
Headquarters Battalion - Company 1stSgt ---phone 229-639-5101
Headquarters Battalion - Executive Officer ---phone 229-639-7490
Public Safety Division - Military Police Services---phone 229-639-518

Brian Rich
Former Marine ('93-'99) and uncle to Cpl Dustin J. Lee

Ther Meridan Star

The Meridian Star Article published November 25, 2007.
Meridian, MS

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