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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Photos of Lex injured in Iraq

The following photos are of Lex at the hospital where he was taken after the incident that killed Cpl Lee.
The photos are coutesy of Joshua Hall an Army Medic, Sgt USAR USARC.
Thank you Sgt Hall for the photos

A comment from Sgt Hall-
" When he rolled in, which I believe was march 22nd, according to the image
I was on in the ER @ AL Asad(TF399 CSH)...such a friendly pooch, he instantly had everyones affection
and of course everyone's feeling of sadness once we had learned why he was there.
Im glad he made it back to the family, its amazing in retrospect to think how it all came to be.
It seems like just yesterday we were scrambling through the emergency room for a bowl."

Sgt Joshua Hall USAR USARC with Lex

The guy in the black top is SSG Jeffrey Thivierge and the guy in short sleeve ACUs is Spc Ben Snowman

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