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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Update and contacts

We are still working very hard to get Lex adopted. With the help of Kelly Hooker with Discover K-9 and John Burnham we will make this happen.

John is the Executive Director of The National War Dogs Monument, Inc. and is located in the Washington, D.C. area.
Kelly and her husband Rickey own and operate a K-9 Training facility near Defuniak Spring, FL.
Rickey is currently the Military Working Dog Trainer at Eglin Air Force Base.

With their help TWO letters have been written and the will be given to local papers to help get Lex adopted to the Lee family.

In the meantime, anyone who want to halp may do so.
Contact your congressman, your Senator, any of your represenatives and tell them you are outraged at this.

MCLB ALBANY should retire LEX and present him to the Lee family. IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!

Military Working Dogs have been retired to families for less. Lex is being still at the kennels in Albany and being worked. Thats right his status is as far as I know is "WORKING".

Wanting to adopt Lex is a very small request for losing our son. Our son made the ultimate sacrifice, why can’t the Marine Corps make a small sacrifice for our family?

Write, email and call them!

Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB), Albany GA
Base Commanding Officer:
Colonel Christian N Haliday
814 Radford Boulevard
Albany GA 31704

MCLB Sergeant Major is R. D. Kennedy

Kennel Master is Capt Mike Reynolds

Headquarters Battalion - Company 1stSgt ---phone 229-639-5101
Headquarters Battalion - Executive Officer ---phone 229-639-7490
Public Safety Division - Military Police Services---phone 229-639-5181
My intent is to not disrespect our military but to only bring to the attention of the Marine Corps and our government that this is what the Lee family deserves. I am a former Marine myself and I am asking the Marine Corps to step forward and do the right thing - retire Lex and allow Cpl Lee's family to adopt him.


Terry Harpole said...

I e-mailed Senators Lott. and Cochran, and both of their offices have got in touch with me. Dustin's Grandfayher is going to send me the story for me to put in the newspapers here in this part of the state. O am going to forward this blog to several e-mail friends. My church is also keeping all this in our prayers too.

Anonymous said...

I passed this to Congressman Shuster. He is calling the Marine Corps liaison office to see what can be done. Sounds to me like momentum is growing to do the right thing.

TAL said...

TO Colonel Christian N. Haliday and the Marine Corps:

As founder of Project K-9 who comes from a military family, I would like to urge those in command to retire LEX. This valiant German Shepherd has done his duty for his country and served honorably and with distinction beside his K-9 handler. It is right and proper to retire LEX and permit his adoption by the Lee family of Quitman, Mississippi, whose son died while in service of God and Country!

Given the type of injury suffered by LEX and the fact that he has shrapnel that was not removed, this will likely contribute to an arthritic condition as the dog grows older. Any additional usage of this canine as a working dog could aggravate his condition and result in great pain and suffering as the dog ages. Therefore it is the humane and proper action to retire the dog NOW and not continue to use this dog.

It is very likely that any human soldier who suffered the type of injury suffered by LEX would be given the option to retire. You have to also consider the dog's age in dog years. In dog years LEX is past the age that any humans would be serving in the Marines. Therefore to retire LEX while he still has a few good years left is not only the right and proper action, it is the only decent action!

I urge everyone to support the immediate and honorable retirement of LEX and his adoption by the LEE family that his remainder years on this good earth may be served with the loving family of his canine companion, Marine Corporeal Dustin Lee.

Terry Lynch
Founder, Project K9

TAL said...
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TAL said...
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